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Signing Out

Directed by Dana Brawer

Written & produced by Adriana Leonard and Jenna Michno

Narrative Drama 10 mint.

Two young women, still recovering from the end of their romantic relationship, unknowingly see the same therapist and are forced to come to terms with what actually happened. 

Official Selections
Female Eye Film Festival 2016
Long Beach International Film Festival 2016
Kansas City Fringe Festival 2016
IMAGE+NATION Montreal LGBT Film Festival 2016
Miami Widescreen Film Fest 2017
Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival 2017
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Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.30.24 PM

Executive Producer: Adriana Leonard, Jett McCandless
Producers: Dana Brawer, Adriana LeonardJenna Michno
Assistant Director: Amy Reedy
Production Coordinators: Henry Downs, Martha Hamilton

Director of Photography: Madeline Berger
Editor: Dana Brawer
Composers: Adam BrooksAllie Gonino
1st Assistant Camera: Edward Bellamy
Production Design: Kendra Bradanini
Production Sound: Ryan Graff

Supporting Cast:

Marissa Hampton as Dr. Martin
Martha Hamilton as The Receptionist
Allison Paige as Lauren
Wrenn Woods as Elle

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"The film is a breakup/coming of age story and the content speaks for itself."

BREAK Magazine - Jan. 17, 2017

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