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I AM. I am many things that all combine to create the human that exists within me. 

We live in a society that has the power to make us feel scared, afraid and undeserving of some of those pieces that make us individual. Unsure or unwilling to claim those parts of ourselves because of what society might say about them.

However, what makes us unique, what makes us individuals...that is something to celebrate. We all bring our own voice to the world. We are not alone. Our coming together of identities will enrich our lives and make us stronger. Our whole existence shall celebrate the poignant beings within us that are constantly being transformed. We shall not have fear in claiming our identities, yet we will revere them together. That is my hope for the world...

How to be involved in the I AM movement...

Take 3 minutes, unplanned and unedited to write: Who are you? All "I AM" declarations will remain completely anonymous and will be compiled into a book. Please send declarations to:

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