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Adriana on stage at The Greenhouse Theater in Chicago

Adriana is thrilled to be back on stage with the (Her)story: An 80's flashback, appearing in the play Batbrains by Barbara Daniel.

February 28 and March 1, 2018 Upstairs Studio (space)

7:30 pm (times)

$15 (price)

(Estimated) Run Time : 1 hour

Age Recommendation: All ages

HERSTORY: an evening from her perspective presents...

An 80’s Flashback!

Had enough HIStory? Join us for a fun, intimate evening of one act plays written, directed and performed by women, then meet and mingle with some of Chicago’s awesome, creative talent. We hope you’ll all join in on celebrating a little herstory and supporting female voices in the arts. Let's bring on the 80's!


By Barbara Daniel

Directed by Maeli Goren

Starring Adriana Leonard and Carley Marcelle Madi

Jane Batts is an up-and-coming fashion designer who lives in a loft with her husband, a successful artist. Jane has a an opportunity to break out on her own with a series of bat shaped dress designs. However, she first must contend with her old college roommate, Pam, a self-proclaimed psychic who has arrived in New York to teach "telepathic lovemaking." A short comedy about two very different women, seeking success in the big city.

Fine Line

By Janice Van Horne

Directed by Carley Marcelle

Starring Isabella Alanso and Sarah Brooks

Two classy ladies make the fur fly (literally) behind the scenes of a Park Avenue party. Dody and Zee-- inseparable since they first confronted each other across a sandbox-- strain the limits of best friendship. Wit/cruelty victim/killer, friendship/betrayal, rage/giggles are some of the fine lines challenged as these contemporary women take a shattering peek at the wasteful fabric of their lives.

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